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We try to be ‘green’

We do our very best to be as green as possible. Recycling is one of our top priorities, so you might find that your purchase will be mailed to you using recycled carton or other packing materials. In our home studio we only use long-life electric bulbs and in the winter months we put on a couple of extra sweaters when the double-glazing isn’t enough to keep the warmth inside from the low temperature heating! We use a lot of scrap paper for our notes, drawings and calculations, and when we open our stall at the local craft markets, we hand our customers their purchases wrapped inside little seed packet wallets or carrier bags made by us using upcycled magazines or photo copies. I could tell you other stuff like how we use vinegar for cleaning up in the kitchen, but I’m probably getting off-track a bit …

Handmade articles

Our handmade items are created using traditional domestic and artisan tools and techniques, and are, more often than not, individual ‘one-of-a-kind’ designs. The description of the various commercially manufactured materials (eg.metal findings, glass beads, textiles etc.) used for producing these articles, are those provided by our suppliers though these guarantees are not always available for the vintage pieces we source We aim to keep our own description of the finished article as simple as possible, normally accompanied by a sample photograph. We use the terms ‘silver’ and ‘gold’ to describe a colour. It will be stated clearly when reference is being made to a precious metal. We occasionally source vintage and/or recycled jewellery and textile items to combine in our OOAK pieces, but generally speaking, unless otherwise stated, all textile materials used are new.


It is possible to browse many of the ‘Sold Out’ articles in our Etsy shop and request a repeat order, which can often be customized using your personal choice of colours. We will do our best to source the appropriate materials and post your personalized product as a ‘reserved listing’ for you to purchase through the usual payment channels. Where possible, the selling price will remain the same, but we maintain the right to adjust the price if the cost of the product components is higher than the cost of those in the original article. You are at total liberty to purchase or not whether a product price has been increased or not. If you decide not to purchase, please inform us so that we can release the article onto the open market.

Professionally printed items

Some of our photographic greetings cards, postcards and books are professionally printed on card or one of various types of matte, semi-gloss or other appropriate high quality paper using state of the art digital printing technology. The cards present an excellent external photo quality while retaining a wonderful writing surface on the inside, each with its own envelope. All images reproduced in the printing of these items are our own photographs or paintings, sketches or similar handmade works of art.
We also display profesionally printed textile items such as T-shirts, bags, soft furnishings and fabric yardage. All graphics used in the printing are our own designa.

Hand printed items

Some of our textile items, such as hand painted silk scarves, will be hand printed using a number of different methods that go from screen printing to batik and block printing. We advise you to treat these items with especial care when washing. The instructions we send with the printed item will be those suggested by the pigment manufacturers.

Discounted items

Please note that our items on sale through other certain sales outlets (eg.Red Bubble) are not included in our discounts. Reduction in price for these articles will only be available if the external outlet makes offers through their own marketing channels. Discount coupons made available through Boho Shack for those articles available for purchase on the Boho Shack web site, cannot be accumulated ie. it is not possible to use more than one discount coupon for the same set of purchases.


Jewellery items are wrapped in tissue paper and placed inside a padded envelope. With gift wrap, they will also be packaged with extra paper (or box) and ribbon with a small personalized card. Prints and paper products will be mailed in a padded envelope (reinforced if necessary). On rare occasions it might be necessary for different categories of items to be sent separately though the cost of mailing will remain the same, unless you require the items to be mailed to different addresses.


Value Added Tax at 22% will be charged on all goods sold within the EU. This taxation rate will not be charged on items purchased by non-EU residents who should be aware, however, that Customs’ duties may be charged by their own country’s authorities. These charges are the customer’s responsibility.

Return of goods

We will accept the return of damaged items and issue a refund (or substitute if a replacement is available), only if they are returned no later than 10 days from their receipt along with the original packaging. The cost of shipping of the returned, and substituted articles will be at our expense.

We will accept the return of hand made goods and issue a refund, (or substitution with an article of the same value) only if they are returned to us in a perfectly saleable, unused condition no later than 10 days from their receipt along with the original packaging. The return and outward (if a substitution is requested) shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. Please leave feedback on the reason for the return of goods.


All product images and web site design graphic elements and site code are the property of Boho Shack in the person of Janys Hyde unless otherwise stated. You may not copy or use any of these elements without the express permission of the web site, www.bohoshack.com owners. The software we used for creating this online store can be downloaded from WordPress.


Your information is required solely for the purpose of the sales’ transaction. We will never pass your details on to third parties unless this is necessary to complete the transaction (eg. postal services) or if we are required to do so by law. Your payment details are handled entirely by the secure payment gateway, Paypal. For further information visit their web site on www.paypal.com

You can find further information regarding our privacy policy on the dedicated page.

Made by Hand

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experiments. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not only buying a thing, but a piece of heart, a part of the soul, a moment in the life of someone.

by Giacomo Cinque
'La Sartoria Antica'
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