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Lucky Red discount

Some believe that red is a lucky colour to have around at the end of the year and into the new one, so what with that in mind I have created a ‘Lucky Red’ 20% shopping discount valid from now through until mid-January on my Etsy page. And if you can’t find what you like in the set of available listings, you can pick any red item in my store and let me know so that I can create a special discounted listing for you. How’s that for lucky?!
Follow the link to visit the ‘red zone’… LUCKY RED

Made by Hand

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experiments. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not only buying a thing, but a piece of heart, a part of the soul, a moment in the life of someone.

by Giacomo Cinque
'La Sartoria Antica'
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