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Christmas shopping

Special offers

Some believe that red is a lucky colour to have around at the end of the year and into the new one, so what with that in mind I have created a ‘Lucky Red’ 20% shopping discount valid from now through until mid-January on my Etsy page. And if you can’t find what you like in the set of available listings, you can pick any red item in my store and let me know so that I can create a special discounted listing for you. How’s that for lucky?!
Follow the link to visit the ‘red zone’… LUCKY RED

Patchwork table centre

This year seems to have been my ‘patchwork’ year — probably as a result of the restrictions imposed on us by the Covid pandemic, I have found more time and patience to dedicate some of my sewing time to patchwork and simple quilting. My efforts have covered a number of projects, including a doggy coat (which I hope to have pictures for soon if only my four-legged model will stay still long enough to be photographed), placemats, bags and decorative household linen like this Christmas themed centre-piece in traditional reds and greens.

You can read more about (and purchase) it by clicking on the image which links to my Etsy store.

Recycled kraft paper for Cards

In recent years I have fallen in love with the honest, rustic appeal of recycled cardstock for the Christmas cards (and not only) that I make. This year I have added some other recycled materials to my cards — scraps of fabric, and in the case of the Christmas cards — the scraps have a festive theme and were happy to be rescued from landfill!

You can pick up sets of my cards by clicking on the small image and following the link to my Etsy store.

Bags for Baubles

Bags for baubles

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but for years I have used plastic bags or tattered boxes to keep my Christmas baubles in order between one year and the next. This year I decided it was time to break the habit by making some dedicated cotton ‘sacks’ to hold them all neatly together at the end of the festive season.

So here they are, and you can purchase a couple of your own if you are interested. They are washable at 30°C in your washing machine, and can be ironed too. There is even a small version with the larger bag to keep all that stray tinsel in place — another way to avoid purchasing new every year!
Click on the image to visit my Etsy site.

Choose between a bright contemporary pink or traditional reds and greens.

Christmas elf & Miss Pumpkin

Might seem totally out of season right now, but oddly enough, these little kits are proving to be popular during this moment of ‘closure’ and uncertainty. Quite a few people have been turning to creative activities as a source of calm — even those who wouldn’t normally pick up a needle and thread, have taken on simple projects as an escape from distressing news and an uncertain future.
These little kits are ok for young stitchers too — maybe with a little help from someone more experienced, so if you want to know more, follow the link to my Etsy page for pricing details of the kit contents.

Click for Miss Pumpkin kit details >>>
Click for Christmas elf kit details >>>


Chop & change

I always think that it’s a lot of fun being able to change my earrings often — I am not too bothered about having expensive jewellery, and out of preference have quite a few pairs of inexpensive ones to be able to change around as the mood takes me. And this is the thinking behind the offer I have put on my Etsy page at a time when people are looking for inexpensive gifts for friends and family So take a look and see if anything catches your eye so as to take advantage of the 5 pairs for only €15.00 which includes shipping to Europe. Here are just a few pairs as examples of those you can choose between.

Grunge Christmas cards

Have gone in for grunge in a big way with the collection of 5 Christmas cards created using recycled paper and prints from my original lino cuts. Each iconic image of a Venetian landmark has been treated with a distressed effect to give the finished image a weathered and old, grungy feel to it. They make a change from the usual images if someone is looking for something a bit different. Every card is different for the simple reason that each of them is printed by hand.

As usual, please be aware that the colour reproduction on the site is not perfect so the photographs are intended as a guideline only.

My biscuit man

ginger0031Been wanting to make some of these little guys for ages, but I was finding it hard to get hold of the felt colour I wanted. At long last my suppliers came up with the goods and I was able to ‘bake’ half a dozen. I also decided to set up a little kit for home ‘baking’ just in case anyone would like to have a go – mainly because I think it is the kind of small project that a younger child could attempt with just the minimum of supervision from an adult.

They actually make lovely little ‘fist’ sized cuddlies, so it would be easy enough just to leave off the hanging loop and use as a small mascot. I know kids like to hang these things on their school bags and use them as mega-sized keyrings too.

Don’t forget though that these are definitely not suitable for very small children because of the small parts.

Follow this link to my Etsy page if you would like to purchase a gingerbread man kit

Felt ornaments for the tree

Tough going

for the felt hearts I am sewing right now. Not quite a drill job, but I do have a pair of pliers to hand to pull the needle through at almost every stitch! The problem is probably down to the fact that I am having to use a hefty cotton and a needle with a larger eye to stitch these things up. I never expected it to be a quick and easy sew, but this is ridiculous! Taken me all morning to sew just 4 hearts! Anyway, hope to get some pictures up soon so that you can see what it’s all about. A lovely set of Christmas tree ornaments, all sewn by hand … they are meant for the shop, but I am very tempted to just keep them for myself!

So here they are

a few mangled fingers later! My lovely set of softly padded felt hearts for the tree — decided to keep this set for myself, but have made others for the shop. Even if you don’t use them on the tree, they are sweet enough to add to a lovely garland for the front door – or maybe over the top of the mantelpiece. I also think they would make extra special gift tags – any other ideas?

Follow this link to purchase a set of 6 completed hearts in my Etsy store

Follow this link to purchase a DIY set of 6 hearts in my Etsy store

Made by Hand

When you buy something from an artist, you are buying more than an object. You are buying hundreds of hours of failures and experiments. You are buying days, weeks and months of frustration and moments of pure joy. You are not only buying a thing, but a piece of heart, a part of the soul, a moment in the life of someone.

by Giacomo Cinque
'La Sartoria Antica'
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